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We are happy that our Yuletidebook, a practical guide to contemplative and spiritual practices for the magical season of Yuletide is published in English today and is available to all English-speaking readers.


It explains how the 12 nights following the winter solstice provide the ideal opportunity to focus inwardly, see signs, and lay the foundation for the coming year. It also shares contemplative themes and exercises for each night and the best all guided meditations to deepen the experience are included. We thank from the bottom of our hearts Arwen Osmani Earthdancer books and Inner Traditions/Bear & Co. for their commitment to publish this title in the American market and to the English-speaking world. Without you, Arwen, this book would not have been published. We are very excited to see if people like it. We like to offer our sincere thanks for this chance to share our thoughts and would be delighted if readers shared with us their experiences of spiritual exercises, meditations, and the Twelve Nights.
Anne & Werner

Inner Practises for the 12 nights of Yuletide

Angaben zum Buch

Anne Stallkamp & Werner Hartung
First edition 2021
Earthdancer, an Inner
Traditions Imprint
ISBN 978-1-64411-324-0
14,99 €


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